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Free to download, Unreal Engine comes with everything you need to build and ship successful multi-platform games and location-based entertainment for any genre. With full access to source code, a robust C++ API, and Blueprint visual scripting at your fingertips, you can develop your title any way you like. 

Learn how to build metaverse on the award-winning Unreal Engine used by gaming professionals and studios worldwide to create world’s top games. Learning the fundamentals of metaverse development with this course, using the Unreal Engine, will enable you to build an entire metaverse from scratch. This course prepares you to create realistic looking environments to stage them inside your metaverse, define custom inputs and movements to control characters and define metaverse without the knowledge of coding. With this course, you will learn the fundamentals of game development, create games, and run them on Unreal Engine.


AjnaLens has formally agreed to collaborate towards delivering Unreal training programs.​ The learners across our country can benefit from this collaboration with qualified Unreal Authorized Trainer delivering the training programs. We have designed multiple course curriculum to suit learners in both short term and long term format. 

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