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 Learn to create photorealistic experiences on Unreal Engine


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Ajna Creator Program is India’s first XR content creation program that provides hands-on learning of all the key components of building immersive experiences like XR, NFT, Digital Twin, Blockchain, and more. The program covers everything from designing to integrating components and finally experiencing the immersive world with a mixed reality headset. Offering best-in-class industry tools, the program empowers an individual to become the creator of the future.

6 Level Self-Paced Course

155+ hours of Learning

Unreal Authorized Training Center

Skill Analysis with Daily Assignments

Industry verified certificate

Access to top hiring companies

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To Creators

From Consumers 

The vision behind Ajna Creator Program

India is especially vulnerable due to its overpopulation, high unemployment rate, and inadequate education. It will primarily remain the country of maximum consumption while the money will be flowing to foreign nations. India may be on the verge of experiencing colonisation once again, this time as digital colonisation.

Therefore, there's a need for a massive number of skilled individuals to develop India as a superpower of new-age technologies like AR/VR, XR, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital twin.

If we empower India’s youth to build XR experiences for the companies and consumers around the world, we can change India’s face from being a nation of consumers to a powerhouse of creators. Building creators will not only bridge the skill gap but also drive economic growth in our country.

Your Placement Is Our Top Priority
In India
23.4 million Jobs by 2030
 60+ Hiring Partners and Counting